Big Cowboy

He is one of the songwriters and performers of The Beer Drinkers, one of the longest-living band of the american music scene in Italy, with whom he developed his own repertoire, he is also in part responsible of the leading vocals in the open project Paolo Nunin Band. Big Cowboy is a real ‘americana’ songwriter and puts his life in his songs, which he musically mounts in a semi-acoustic frame, a modern American folk that could be fully included in the wide musical field called ‘Americana’. His first solo album ‘The Hidden Room’ (released on October-22-2019) and the second one ‘Bright Places’ (released on September-9-2021), came out from the partnership with the musician, producer and arranger Paolo Pizzi, which also backs him in live shows.

Big Cowboy performs in showcases and live concerts with differents line-ups, that go from the ‘solo show’ to a 5 elements full band. We can find the most suitable on-stage line-up for your event.

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