Cris Mantello

Easy does it! is what you can say when someone is trying to manage a very delicate stuff…roots music is something sensitive, but he can do it! Cris Mantello is a singer, guitarist, composer and producer who has his roots in American music and 50’s/60s traditional country music. Honky-Tonk and country-rock are now the main ingredients of his cocktail mix, spiced with Rock’n’Roll and Italian-Latin ”caliente” swing that he learned from his mentor Raf Montrasio, guitar player of world famous Maestro Renato Carosone.

He really wear his music, he deeply live it, and this is what makes everything so authentic. Cris tunes bring a touch of old in a modern sound, something black and something white, being still authentic and respectful of the tradition. He and his guitar have travelled for over 20 years across Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Germany and UK, to bring bop and rhythm in the house. Furthermore Cris usually holds Western and Rockabilly master classes all over Italy. Cris Mantello has his own discography, and the live set-list includes mainly originals. The show is able to recreate an authentic old-time atmosphere. Available for live concerts and showcases either in full band or duo/trio/q.tet. The full band includes in addition to Cris Mantello (electric guitar and vocals) an electric bass, drums, steel guitar/dobro , acoustic guitar/mandolin. Ask for a quote and availability.

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