J. Sintoni

Guitarist and singer with a solid blues background, known also as a sideman with the singers and songwriters Grayson Capps (USA) and Buford Pope (Sweden). He has been leading his own band since 1995 and produced and released two album featured in the Top50 Blues Album USA: ‘The Red Suit (2007) and ‘A Better Man’ (2012).

The long time friendship and musical relationship with Grayson Capps, led J.Sintoni to start a more intimate research and write new acoustic material. This inner journey led the artist to reach a new destination, largely represented by his album ‘Relief’ (2017), initially released on Good Luck Factory and now part of the Go Country Records catalog. The album features the Grammy-winning producer and sound engineer Trina Shoemaker behind the mixing console. The obsessive blues dissolves in folk, more into genuine American tradition. J. Sintoni started playing ‘something country’.

The album ‘Relief’ represented a turning point in J. Sintoni career and his latest album ‘Backroads‘ (Go Country Records, 2021) confirms and consolidates this genre shift.

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