Miguel Angel Scorcia

Miguel Angel Scorcia is the king of Spanish rock’n’roll and rockabilly, originally from Valencia and coming from a family of musicians. He is in the music buisiness since 1989  when he joined Los Swinguers, a quartet with original repertoire with a swing’n’roll flavor which took them to the top in 1992, allowing them to enter the charts in Spain and bringing them touring in USA and Japan. His singer/guitarist career continues in the ambit of American music, and in particular of rock’nroll and rockabilly. From 2004 to 2018 he has been the leader of Cat Club band, with which he returned on an everlasting European tour and released seven albums, two of which are for the Japanese market only. Cat Club shared the stage with the biggest rock’nroll artists, backing them on their tours or supporting them at prestigious festivals.
Today Miguel Ángel Scorcia is immersed in several projects, on the one hand the Scorcia Big Band Boom with 17 musicians on stage and a 50s rock’n’roll repertoire, and on the other hand he is also the guitarist and singer of the legendary rock’nroll band with over 1.5 million records sold, Los Rebeldes.
Miguel Angel Scorcia also performs as a soloist, with his name, depending on the countries and locations backed by different rhythm sections.

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Miguel Angel Scorcia with Cat Club

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