Despite the romanticism that surrounds music, writing songs doesn’t just take place by itself, you have to make it happen. This is how in 2018, Saul, no longer in his salad days, recorded the album ‘In Between Things’. After disentangling the copious amount of notes and phone-recorded melodies he had gathered over the years, Saul had sufficient studio-time to launch a remarkable debut album.

Now based in Northern Italy but having lived the majority of his life in the UK, Saul has had led the sort of nomadic life – more akin to the singers/songwriters from the 1960s – that makes the essence of his music a true storytelling experience. As a direct consequence of his unique background, his songs feature a refreshing authenticity throughout – both in writing and production – and the genuine sound of someone who says what he means and means what he says.

The collaboration with several musicians has allowed for a wider scope in his more recent works. His latest album ‘The Infinite Inside’ is a balanced combination of rock and melody that yet maintains a strong acoustic/folk element. Its themes are somewhat less introspective but still offer a reflective component, rendered highly engaging by the ever-present irony and the musical variety of the tracks.

Saul will be on tour from autumn 2021 to present his latest album release ‘The Infinite Inside’, which has already received a warm reception from his audience and the media alike.

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