Voodoo Mars

March the 1st 1958, a band made of four musicians, mysteriously disappeared. After more than 60 years, they came back from Mars, with their authentic and wild Rockabilly, along with their kidnapper: Orson the Martian Tiki.

They are the Voodoo Mars, a combo that, directly from Mars, will bring the darkest and desperate side of Rockabilly…how?With flying saucers and ancient Voodoo spells. A good chance for the enthusiasts for listening rare piece of music, and a chance to have fun and dancing ‘till they drop for all the others Earth inhabitants.

The Voodoo Mars are:

Henry Wolfabilly – Vox and Guitar
Steve J. Joplin – Lead Guitar
Tex Murky – Doublebass
Steve Mile – Drums and Bones

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